Being able to communicate well in front of 5, 50 or 500 people is learned skill

 Effective Public 
This is a three-day intensive and practical course that will have you writing speeches and delivering them like a pro by the end of the course. Participants will have the chance to practice the various aspects of public speaking: preparing the speech, presenting the speech, principles of communication, vocal production and overcoming your nerves!
 How to Communicate
 in Stressful Situations 

This 90min lecture explores the idea of EQ and communication. Fascinating!

Researchers concluded that people experience on average 27 emotions each waking hour. With nearly 17 waking hours each day, you have the potential for about 456 emotional experiences from the time you get up until the time you go to bed.  Of all the emotions you will experience in a day the majority of them will be while you are at work! People who manage their emotions well are easier to work with and more likely to achieve what they set out to do and are more effective in their communications- no matter how stressful the situation.

 Facilitation Skills 

This is a two part series conducted over 4 hours. The aim of this workshop to help participants understand and implement the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate a group, any group!

Some of the concepts covered will include:

  • The difference between facilitation and presenting the talk

  • How to facilitate successfully

  • To provide practise of new acquired facilitation skills

 Clear Communications 

This three-part seminar covers the art of getting along with everyone, yep, even the people, you don’t like!


“Learning to Communicate Effectively”



“Getting Close without Getting Hurt?”



“The Secrets of Building Strong Relationships”

 Handle with Care 

My life would be so much easier if only I didn’t have to work with people” someone once said.

At times the relationships between colleagues can be one of the most difficult to handle. Likewise working with those under us can also be the source of much stress.

Learning to “handle with care” all who are part of our world is an important skill to master if we are to enjoy good healthy relationships in the workplace.

This workshop will explore the reasons why and the practical steps necessary to make your leadership and interpersonal communication skills a success.

Come and discover the winning attributes of a successful leader.  Learn how to “handle your people with care” and see the difference it can make to your team dynamics.

This workshop is suitable for teachers, companies with multi levels of staffing, production & design teams etc.

 How to Talk so People
 will Listen 


Have you ever been talking to someone and you notice that their eyes start glazing over, they look at their watch or worse still they appear to be falling asleep? Perhaps they looked at you and nodded in understanding and then went on to do completely the opposite?

Many people think that they are good communicators, but sometimes wonder why other people haven’t understood or why they failed to carry out the desired action “communicated”. Effective communication is a skill that can be learnt. This one hours lecture will highlight and teach skills that can be immediately used to make sure when you talk people will listen!

 How to Impress 
in 7 seconds 

Psychologists suggest that within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone will make seven major decisions about that person based on our first impressions.

For example, how trustworthy this new friend might be, can be determined in this brief encounter, because first impressions tend to be the most believable, we must use those 7 seconds wisely.

How we present ourselves is an important part of our overall communication. This talk aims to help you make the most of the first impressions and help you improve your initial contact, thus enhancing relationships and making sure you present yourself in the best possible way. An informative and fun one-hour lecture.