These talks give people great tools for great Relationships

 How to Avoid 
 Marrying a Jerk 
Often the joy of meeting someone special can be over shadowed by the question;
"is he /she right for you?"
How do we balance the heart connection with the head knowledge of who this person is. How do we avoid marrying a jerk and living a life of relationship regret? This seminar looks at five areas that need exploration before you say yes!
 Why Women are  Always Right and Men  are Never Wrong 

Why do women tend to turn the map book upside down when navigating through an unknown city? Why do men come home from work and sit and say nothing? Why do women want to talk about their problems but are reluctant to hear a solution? Why won’t men stop and ask for directions when they are lost?  Why do women ask their friends if they want to go to the bathroom together and men seldom ask their mates along for the excursion?

This course is a fascinating look at appreciating and bridging the gender gap so that both men and women can work and relate well together.

 your Marriage  
Marriages are made in heaven but maintained here on earth!
Many people get married and hope to live in a cloud of perfect romance for the rest of their lives. Let’s look at how to keep romance alive, and marriages strong, without the unrealistic expectations that leave us feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.
 Strategies for 
 Family Bonding 
Good families don’t just happen. Intentional, meaningful interaction that results in strong family ties, needs to be learnt and applied.
If you want your family to be stronger, more supportive of each other, nurturing and warm; if you want a family that knows how to enjoy each other and love through the ups and downs of life, then come to “Strategies for Family Bonding”.
Clear and practical pointers will be discussed that can help you build a family that is able to not only survive but flourish in the 21st century”.
 The Five Love Languages 
Have you ever been on holidays in a foreign country that does not speak the same language as you? Trying to communicate becomes very difficult and misunderstandings can easily occur. You probably wouldn’t go back unless the scenery was very good!
In our relationships we can have the same problem because we do   not all speak the some love language! 
One of the reasons why marriages fall apart and relationships between parents and children come under strain is because often we are not effectively communicating our love and as a result feel unloved.
Come and learn about the five basic “love languages” and gain a better understanding of how these can help you connect with your significant relationships. These principles will enable you to understand each other, meet emotional needs and foster warm loving relationships.
 His Needs Her Needs 
How to Affair Proof your marriage!
There are ten basic emotional needs that men and women share but usually the five most important for him are opposite to the five most important for her! This goes some way to explaining why marriage partners often have difficulty in meeting each other’s needs.
This talk will discuss how to fill one another’s love tanks and how to meet His Needs Her Needs.