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Featuring some the most popular talks as food for thought for you next meeting

 Dealing with Disappointments 

A topical two-part message explores disappointments:

Part One: Dealing with disappointment with people and circumstances

Part Two: Dealing with disappointments with God

Bible characters are referenced and attention given to how we overcome disappointment in our lives in the 21st century. 

 Doors of Opportunity 

As we journey through life, doors stand  before us. They must be responded to. We can either open the door and walk through it, or leave it alone.


This two-part message series looks at the life of Joseph and how he made the great choices that led to a -fulfilled life.

Some doors he opened and others he left firmly shut. Which doors of opportunity will you choose today?

 The Book of Philippians

The book of Philippians is such an inspiring and practical letter that can help us as we journey through this challenging life.

This message is a four-part series:
Part One: A Confident Future
Part Two: Whine or Shine
Part Three: Forward Forgetting the Past
Part Four: The Antidote to Stress

 The Power of a Mother 
[The History Makers]

Every history maker had a mother. Lee Yuan Yew, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jnr, Mother Theresa, Marie Antoinette, Hitler, and Cleopatra! And mothers have great influence; either positive or negative!  


Sadly, today the role of a mother has been diminished, yet mothers have a  very important role to play in shaping their child’s future.

This message is to encourage all mothers of every variety. To remind them that they have great influence, that they don’t have to be perfect, and that they can do it! 

 God Loves His Girls 

Women are different from men, in case you haven’t noticed! Made by the same Creator, in His image yet very different from the blokes. Women tend to be more interested in details, enjoy talking, and have intuition that men don’t seem to have. Women have the ability to carry life (babies) and they have a strong nurturing instinct. Our bodies are different in strength and capacity, and some special design features are included! Not better than the guys just different!


And yet the lives of women are under attack. In some parts of the world female infanticide is widely practised. Baby girls are aborted before they even have a chance for life. Some are born and then subjected to terrible deaths by poison, salt drowning, stabbing, exposure. In China, it is estimated that 50 million baby girls have gone missing. In India, over 1 million girls are killed every year because families prefer having a boy. In some parts of Africa, girls are kidnapped to become soldiers and “wives" of militia men, before they even turn 12. All over the world young women and girls are subjected to sexual abuse for private and commercial gain. Women are under attack - devalued, downtrodden and despised, and often treated as second-class citizens.

So what does God say about all these things? Some think that the Bible actually enforces such thinking. Nothing could be further from the truth. This workshop looks at what the bible teaches us about women and shows us how precious women are to Father God. They are loved valued and cherished.

 Location Frustration 
[Learning to be content where you are]
Many people are unhappy with the space they occupy. They constantly wish they lived somewhere else or were married to someone else. They basically wish they had someone else’s life! But learning the art of contentment and making the most of where you are is a great life skill.
This message studies the book of Ruth and provides principles that can be applied to the problem of location frustration! 
 The Best I can be 
Whether you are young or old you can be the best that you can be by following three very simple principles that are grounded in God’s Word:
- Be the best in what you say 
- Be the best in what you do
- Be the best in what you believe 
Don’t allow wrong perspectives and misinformation to side-track you from the goal of living a life worth living!
 Builder or Breaker 

Did you know that every woman has a secret weapon? It is her God-given DNA.

Women are experts at getting the job done, filling the gap, making things happen. How many families look to mum when something is lost? How many companies rely on their female staff to build relationships and create a friendly atmosphere at the office? Women are powerful! Are we using our God-given power for a positive or negative impact?

This session look at the life story of two very different women in the Bible. Both were powerful and both were history makers. One used her womanly power for good the other for selfish evil gain.


We can gain insights from these lives  which will help us be wise and not foolish. Women who are fulfilling their God-given DNA and purpose with dignity and strength. Are you are builder or a breaker?

 Maintaining You Leadership Edge 

How do I “do” leadership?

It is critical to understand your role and understand how your contribution makes a difference.

More than anything else, the body of Christ needs men and women who can take their place and stand and minister. God needs us to be free not fake! Knowing who we are, and not just being nice!


In this talk, you will learn the 10 Top Tips which Susan has acquired from over 20 years in ministry in 6 nations.

This session is for people who lead and want to lead well for the long haul.

 All is not Lost! 

Many of us in life have had the experience of losing something, perhaps a sock, a key, or maybe a piece of paper with important information on it.

The feelings that accompany loss are very real and can vary, from being neutral (sock) to an overwhelming sense of fear, grief or dread depending on what we lost. Often the circumstances surrounding the loss also play an important role in the accompanying emotions.

Based on Susan's personal story of decades of infertility and the shock of thyroid cancer, this is a most personal session that explores loss and how to respond when all seems lost.

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