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Work Life Balance

 Some ideas for your next work function

 Life in the Fast Lane  

In the good old days when life was simpler” Have you caught yourself wishing to turn back the clock to an era when life was slower and there was more time? Is it possible to “have it all”, work career, family, kids?


Today’s modern world is busy and challenging. Can our families survive the unique pressures of the 21st century?

Can you live life in the fast lane and survive?


This workshop aims to present practical strategies for managing the demands 21st century living.


Come prepared to have fun and participate in learning the “how to” of balancing a busy schedule. Learn that you can enjoy life in the fast lane without having burning out.

 Stress Management 

Are you tired of “burning the candles at both ends?” Do you never seem to have enough energy for the day ahead?

Do you always seem to be running late and out of breath? Do you long for a “break”? 


If you answered “yes” to any of the above then probably your life is too stressful. In Singapore today many people live life at a frantic speed, but never seem to catch up.

Is there an answer to the work-life dilemma? Are balanced and less stressful lives possible? YES!


Come to this enjoyable workshop where skills of stress management will be presented and discussed. Topics will include: 

  • What is life and how to make the most of it

  • What is stress and how does it affect you

  • The principles and practices of stress management

  • A lifestyle inventory will be administered

You will new perspective and motivation for doing life well.

 Bending not Breaking

Do the challenges of daily life leave you stressed out and feeling like you are going to snap?

The key is to develop resilience and learning how to bend but not break when life is less than ideal.


This workshop will help participants explore the concepts of resilience and how to develop it. Participants will be encouraged to practice mindfulness and grow internal strength to withstand the external pressure of 21st century living. 

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