Here's the practical help most Grand Parents wish they had when they  were first parents!

 Born to Read 
 Read to Bond  

Reading together is one way that families can strengthen the ties that bind. Studies show that children who are read to by their parents from an early age develop stronger relationship bonds. Reading together is also a powerful strategy for turning reluctant readers into confident bookworms!

This workshop aims to give parents the skills necessary to turn reading into an enjoyable and productive family activity that will promote healthy relationships and improve their child’s literacy ability.

 How to Talk to your
 Teenagers about Sex 

The years between 13 – 18 tend to be challenging and life defining for your child. It is during these years that they will make decisions and choices that are likely to set them on a course for the rest of their lives. Lots of changes are happening in every area of their lives. It is also a time when there is a growing interest in the opposite sex result in new friendships and attachments. It can be a scary time for both child and parent. Every parent knows the power of sexuality and the potential for good or bad. But not every parent knows how to tackle such a delicate subject with their teenager. This talk aims to give parents some simple keys to talking to your teenager about sex, sexuality and sexual dangers.

 Scream Free Parenting 
Scream free parenting is not just about lowering your voice. It’s about learning to calm your emotional reactions & learning to focus on your own behaviour rather than your kids’ behaviour. Parents will explore and discuss the six basic principles necessary to implement in order to become a scream free parent.
 Positive Parenting! 
This talk explores the four basic parenting types and highlights which one is the most helpful in becoming a positive parent. 
Many parents are stressed out, over anxious and feel constantly overwhelmed.  Come and learn some parenting tips that will help you be more positive in your parenting and enjoy your children.
 Raising Resilient 

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from the failures of life. Many parents worry about the adverse effect of disappointment and failure on their children, trying to protect them from such events. But healthy children who become successful adults need to be taught how to handle the pitfalls of life and learn the skill of self-confidence and flexibility in the face of challenge.

This Talk will present several ways to develop your child’s resilience and help parents raise confident children even in times of uncertainty. 

 How to motivate your
 kids to study hard 
Managing a child’s academic progress is a major source of stress for parents and children alike. How can we motivate our children to study hard without ending up nagging or worse still pressuring our children to perform beyond what they are capable of? This course will help you.
This talk aims to give parents the strategies and tools for managing study stress and well as positive skills for motivating their children to study hard. Particular emphasis will be given to homework habits.
It is anticipated that parents will leave this seminar armed with renewed confidence and enhanced skills necessary for keeping their child motivated to study hard.
 Effective Discipline for 
 Primary Aged Children 
What is the key to gaining compliance and obedience with your child, without breaking their spirit and turning home into a shouting match Is there a way to discipline your child so that home is happy and harmonious?
This talk aims to give parents an insight and understanding into the “how to” of discipline, as well as providing possible solutions to general discipline problems. Come along and join in the discussion on “effective discipline for primary aged children.”