Susan Comiskey  

Susan is a passionate public speaker who loves to be helpful to people.
She has carefully chosen the topics on these pages for you consider when you are thinking about asking her to speak. 


Here's some information about her.

Susan Comiskey was born in Sydney, Australia, but is really a 'Global Citizen'; Having lived in Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Uganda, United Kingdom, Timor Leste, and more than 15 years in Singapore.

She understands what it means to thrive in another culture.

She is happily married to her New Zealand husband, and is mother of a sociable 11 year old daughter.

Her interest in education led her to a BA, a Teaching Diploma, a Masters Degree in Pastoral Leadership and graduating with a Doctoral Degree in May 2022.

She is passionate about teaching and training in the areas of Communications, Parenting, Relationships and Crossing Culture. An interest that has enabled her to speak to corporate leaders, defence force personnel, school staff, students, parents and churches.

Susan is an extremely well prepared, interesting and enthusiastic presenter whose genuine love for people, makes her talks both useful and memorable. 


“ Susan has conducted the Effective Public Speaking workshop with Academy of Human Development since 2004. It has been on of the most popular workshops. Participants walk away from the class charged up and inspired. ”

  Leng Chin Fai,


  Academy of Human Development  

“ [Susan] ia a very enthusiastic and passionate speaker who is always ready to serve the community when called upon. Susan received very good feedback and comments in every talk that she has provided. . . . It is easy to work with her and we believe that she has demonstrated a very deep concern for the heartlanders  ”

  Arthur Ling 

 Executive Director

 Fei Yue Community Services  

“  Susan has been helping our organisation conduct parenting and staff workshops under the School Family Education programmes in Singapore. Her workshops have been well received by parents and participants.  ”

  Veronica Ng 


 Centre for Advancement
  of Family Education